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Motive Television Company Updates

06 December 2012

Tablet TV

Motive Television has achieved a successful demonstration of the technology that underlies and powers Tablet TV LLC.
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08 October 2012

David Woodman participating at the Digital Hollywood Fall Summit

David Woodman, Managing Director of the Americas for Motive Television, will participate in an event at the Digital Hollywood Fall summit in Los Angeles.
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09 July 2012

Interview of Leonard Fertig by BRR Media

BRR Media has interviewed Leonard Fertig, Director & CEO of Motive Television
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08 May 2012

Michael Pilsworth speaking at Mindshare Media Summit

Michael Pilsworth will be a speaker on the ‘Why TV advertising is changing and what this means for the consumer’ session at Mindshare Media Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 8th
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23 March 2012

David Woodman at Digital Hollywood Spring 2012

David Woodman has been appointed as member of the Board of Advisors for The Connected TV – Hollywood Alliance. He will also be speaking at the “Cloud Media & the Connected PC-TV-Mobile Universe: The New Face of the Digital Consumer” special session at Digital Hollywood Spring.
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23 March 2012

Gianluca Ferremi speaking at Cloud Computing conference at NAB 2012

Gianluca Ferremi will be a speaker on the ‘Cloud Media Storage & Delivery’ panel at Cloud Computing Conference within the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 16th.
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08 November 2011

Launching Video2Go

Motive Television PLC is pleased to announce today the launch of its new product Video2Go
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28 October 2011

Interview: Motive nation

By John Harrington, from Digital Look®
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21 October 2011

Progress at Digiturk

Motive Television has delivered the components required on the headend and also the libraries needed to deliver the non-linear services on the STB.
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11 October 2011

Motive Television named one of Britain's Brightest Companies

Motive Television has been named as one of Britain's Brightest Companies by the UK's national newspaper The Daily Telegraph
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