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29 April 2013

The future is bright, the future is Ultraviolet?

During the recent PEVE Entertainment 2013 conference, there was much discussion about Ultraviolet, including positive comments from Sony Pictures and DECE (the industry body behind it) and negative comments from SKY. PEVE also had 2 panel sessions from “ordinary” consumers representing both the younger age group (18-24) and an older age group (45+).
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30 November 2012

Multi-purpose device accessories

Most consumer electronic devices today are multi-purpose and have been specifically designed for this.
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16 November 2012

Broadcast TV - hidden in plain sight

Broadcast television is perceived differently in different markets around the world.
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29 June 2012

The long tail wags the dog…

Choice. We all want it and more and more of it, or so we are told.
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13 June 2012

Can I interest you in ......?

Advertising is the life blood of the TV industry.
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