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22 January 2013

CES 2 - Mobile TV

CES2013, the year of Ultra HD (see other blog). At this year's CES, there were also a few announcements/products relating to Mobile TV on show. In many cases, this was a case of little to no real new news, but announcements being made anyway.
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18 January 2013

CES 1 – Ultra HD

So CES has come and gone for another year. Lots of companies showing technology, but little of it new or novel. This year, the main headlines around TV have centered around Ultra HD, with TV manufacturers falling over themselves to show the latest and greatest.
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18 January 2012

Have the Angry Birds flown the nest?

Following on from Tony’s blog covering IBC 2011, it was time to see what CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 had to offer.
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