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09 June 2014

To HD or not to HD

One of the recent developments in television that has been promoted hard has been High Definition or HD for short.
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29 May 2014

FITT for purpose?

At the recent DTG annual summit, the final report and recommendations from the “Future of Innovation in Television Technology Taskforce” or FITT was presented.
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04 April 2014

Tablet TV: “Aereo Not”

Aereo’s long running battle with the broadcast networks in the United States has taken a few interesting turns recently.
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05 March 2014

Where’s Oscar?

Last Sunday night the Academy Awards attracted 43.7 million viewers to broadcast television, rivalling major NFL contests. It also drew a large number to ABC’s and Canada’s CTC live streams and mobile apps.
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22 January 2014

The value of Freeview

How do you put a value on Freeview ? Well a new report this week from Communications Chambers1 attempts to answer this. It should be made clear that the report was paid for by Digital UK, but the results reflected Communications Chambers view only. (Digital UK is a company owned by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Arqiva, which supports the UK’s terrestrial TV service and its viewers).
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08 January 2014

CES 2014

Its CES time of year again, when over 150,000 descend on Las Vegas to see over 3,000 companies show their latest and greatest.
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07 November 2013

Catching up with Catch-up TV

Watching TV which wasn’t being broadcast at the time (catch-up as it is now called) was an alien concept until the rise of the home VCR (such as VHS).
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25 October 2013

Research Reports are telling us..........

Recent data from Pew Research Centre has very interesting implications for Tablet TV.
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29 July 2013

Is Chromecast a game changer for internet TV?

The market for adding internet media capability to existing television sets has been further sparked into life by recent announcements by Google (Chromecast) and Sky TV (Now TV).
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29 April 2013

The future is bright, the future is Ultraviolet?

During the recent PEVE Entertainment 2013 conference, there was much discussion about Ultraviolet, including positive comments from Sony Pictures and DECE (the industry body behind it) and negative comments from SKY. PEVE also had 2 panel sessions from “ordinary” consumers representing both the younger age group (18-24) and an older age group (45+).
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