Are we nearly there yet?
It's that time of year again when families head for their annual summer holidays to places near and far.

06 August 2015
It's that time of year again when families head for their annual summer holidays to places near and far. One thing in common, is the need to keep kids of all ages entertained (and I include the parents in this). Kids today are used to entertainment on tap, wherever and whenever they want it, so simply looking for cars of certain colours, or age, going past only work for short times. Also many journeys are now by air / ferry and rail where the distractions are limited.

So what to do? Most families now take a small electronics shop with them on holiday, with tablets, smartphones, portable games consoles etc. The familiar home experience of internet connectivity is typically not repeated during the journey, or indeed upon arrival at the holiday destination. Slow speed / intermittent connections, coupled with expensive data roaming or wifi mean normal sources of content are blocked. Another issue is the regionalisation of media, where at the moment you cannot watch some internet content in a different country for copyright reasons (an example is BBC iPlayer which is not supported outside the UK).

Pre-loading of content is an option, as long as you have the space on your device and also can get agreement on what to load. Pre-loading content is also expensive, involving purchase from the like of iTunes or Google Play. Once you’ve preloaded, that’s all the content you will have until you get home.

Where does Motive come in? Well as you probably know, Motive offers TabletTV allowing access to broadcast content in many markets across Europe. Additionally TabletTV will enable you to record TV before you set off at no cost. That covers some of the needs, but what about the journey? Recorded content on TabletTV will provide some options, but Motive offers more than this.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a platform from Motive which enables our customers to offer premium content to their users within a given environment. What does that mean? BYOD is a business to business platform, where Motive enables ferry operators (as an example) to allow them to sell movies and other content while their customers are on board. The offering to the end customer is simple, a low cost fee to stream movies etc to their own devices, while they are on board. BYOD works in all places where internet access is limited / expensive such as ferries, cruise ships, airplanes, hotels etc.

So you can now have access to content in many places during the trip and also during the actual holiday itself, all using the devices you will be taking with you anyway.

Dr Glenn Craib