Game, Set and Match
So the French Open is now behind us, and for tennis lovers it's now onto the big one, Wimbledon.

08 June 2015
So the French Open is now behind us, and for tennis lovers it’s now onto the big one, Wimbledon. As for the French Open, many of the matches are on during the working day, so can be challenging to watch. Yes there are text updates on website, even “live” scoring, but it doesn’t get you close to the action. Many businesses block video streaming by their employees, or limit bandwidth to achieve the same effect. So what to do? Well there is now a simple solution, Tablet TV.

Tablet TV enables you to keep up to date with live TV as it happens. The size and resolution make it easy to watch a tennis match, without losing track of the ball. You can watch without the need to use any internet connection, so will have no impact on your employers internet, should you choose to watch at work!

So you can watch at work, but what else? Well you can also record matches, so if you can’t concentrate on the match at the time, you can record and watch back later on. Wimbledon coverage in the UK is provided by the BBC, and they make full use of their “red button” capabilities. During Wimbledon fortnight, the red button can be used to access alternative matches, giving you the ability to watch the match you actually want, instead of just the main choice from the BBC. 

Of course if you are like me, then it’s not just watching at work that is useful. Watching tennis on a tablet while the main TV set is “occupied” by kids shows, films etc allows everyone to be happy. 

Tennis isn’t for everyone of course, but if sport in general is for you, the Tablet TV opens up a world of possibilities. Access to content in general is good, with the Champions League final and FA Cup recently and the Tour de France and many more upcoming. BBC content, such as Formula One, or the coverage of the upcoming Open Championship give you more red button options, all available with Tablet TV.

If Sports not for you, then the majority of content on TV is not sports, though at times it will seem like sport is on 24/7. Red button isn’t just for sport, for example a few weeks ago you could have used it to sing along with the Eurovision Song Content!! Using the TV Guide, and recording content mean you never have to watch sports again if you don’t want to.

Tablet TV, flexible, friendly and fun. 


Dr Glenn Craib