Motive's Role and Products
Everyone reads the popular press, particularly about television and technology.

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18 March 2015
Everyone reads the popular press, particularly about television and technology since it tends to be very interesting and life affecting.  And it is pretty easy to get caught up in the latest new thing, whether it is a new tech gadget, new TV platform.

This hurricane of daily information sometimes makes it difficult for Motive’s investors and followers to understand what we do and why it is unique.  So, I will try to put things into perspective here and try to make Motive’s role, capabilities, and products clear.

First of all, Motive is a software developer for the TV industry - about 30 highly talented people mainly based in Barcelona with a HQ office in London.  Our particular expertise is developing new revenue-generating software solutions for our clients, major consumer-facing TV broadcasters, satellite platforms, and specialist TV providers to particular markets.  Our customers are currently in Europe, North America, and Africa, however, our technology works everywhere and we are in discussions with potential customers in three additional continents.  Little Motive is truly a global provider.

Motive’s particular expertise lies in what would be called by the TV industry Hybrid Multiscreen Television.  Let me decipher this.  Hybrid television means being able to get TV channels and Video-on-Demand to a television through a combination of the Internet and Over-the-Air (OTA) or Satellite broadcasts.  This is a special and unique skill.  

While there are numerous companies who develop solutions with the onslaught of Internet-delivered content - think of all the streaming services and websites from A-Z - there are very few who have software to manage the distribution and combination with OTA channels.  And in the case of on-demand content, Motive is one of two or three companies in the world with patented and deployed software to manage the delivery of on-demand video using the OTA digital terrestrial signals.

The second term, Multiscreen, means exactly what it sounds like, i.e. taking that set of hybrid signals and making it able to display and interact with viewers on more than just the main TV.  In the past two years, Motive has developed a leading expertise in getting programmes and channels to mobile device screens as well as TV’s and we have called that TabletTV.

So that is what we do.  Who do we do it for and where?  Our first client launched in 2009 was Mediaset, the largest broadcaster in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.  Since November 2009, Mediaset has been able to offer 40-50 titles per month to hundreds of thousands of subscribers to its premium service in standard, high definition, and 3D thanks to Motive’s software.  

At the beginning of 2013, Digiturk, Turkey’s largest satellite television platform launched their new on-demand premium services using Motive’s patented software.   During 2012 and 2013, Motive installed its technology in Prague at CME’s flagship TV station that now awaits a decision by new ownership and management regarding launch of their services.  In 2013, Motive began working with new entrant broadcaster Siyaya in South Africa and a launch of their service is anticipated this year.  And last summer, Motive signed a deal with Twin Peak S.A., a video platform for ships at sea, to provide BYOD (bring-your-own-device) capability for passengers and crew on maritime vessels.  This is in final testing before launch of commercial services.

In early 2012 Motive formed a joint venture with Granite Broadcasting Corporation, a multi-market group of television stations in the United States, to design, create, and operate what has become TabletTV in the United States and Canada.  Our 50/50 JV developed the concept and product and put it into the market as a beta launch for Christmas last year in San Francisco, and since then have been upgrading the product in anticipation of a nationwide launch and rollout.

At the same time, Motive created TabletTV UK, based on the concept of providing a complete Freeview experience on mobile devices, and beta launched that product last December as well.  We are now continually upgrading that product and plan a marketing campaign beginning soon while simultaneously speaking with major consumer-facing television providers about joining us.  

TabletTV will be expanded to additional European countries and other continents as Motive completes deals with partners in each country.  The roadmap for our hybrid multiscreen TabletTV product includes adding new capabilities such as Android devices, Google Chromecast integration, ability to access Over-the-Top (OTT) services like Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, etc., and Apps for mobile phones and “phablets”.

TabletTV is not a gadget but a software product in the form of an App that so far works with three different Antenna-Tuners from two manufacturers.  Motive’s TabletTV Apps can be configured to work with add-on separate tuners or should a tablet manufacturer include a tuner in their device, directly.  

Motive is not in the hardware business, but instead specifies hardware requirements and licences SDK’s (software development kits) to manufacturers to integrate our software in their devices.  Motive technology is built on an ever-growing base of unique know-how and backed by a growing range of patents

To sum it up, Motive has products and services that address the two hottest areas of change in television today - on demand viewing and mobile screens.  We have patented technology, a unique ability in putting together over-the-air and Internet delivery, and a large and global potential market for our expertise.