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Frequently Asked Investor Questions about Motive Television

Recent Questions

Are there any plans for Len to do another interview?

We will do interviews as the opportunities become available.  Motive makes a continuing effort to inform its shareholders and the market through blogs, company updates, RNS announcements, and interviews in print publications and with video publishers. The Company also attends panels and industry conferences where we provide our expertise and explore opportunities.

What is the latest news on Siyaya? It seems strange that there is no information anywhere on the internet regarding the impending launch of this new service.

As systems integrator and prime contractor Motive is deeply involved with the planning of the launch of the new platform. The team of major service providers has been determined and a planning meeting held recently to tie down the integrated project plan. This is a major project involving multiple development and integration efforts by the group. Siyaya will announce its decision regarding launch based on their marketing plans.

What are you doing to create any value for shareholders?

Motive has been creating value for its shareholders by developing products that are leading the industry, particularly in the area of mobile television viewing through TabletTV and BYOD TV. These proprietary and patented technical achievements are now being exploited through the upcoming launch of TabletTV Plus and the rolling out of BYOD TV through our partners. Additionally, the legacy product, Content Express™, is being implemented at Siyaya through an international consortium of the largest providers to the television industry being coordinated by Motive.

On November 26th you released an RNS which stated that you had reached a final and binding agreement with CCAN and that €600,000 euros (approximately £480,000) would be used to finance the CCAN settlement. On October 6th you released an RNS announcing that the Court of Appeal in Barcelona had decided against the Company in its legal action. Can you explain where the £480,000 you raised for this final and binding agreement has gone?

The agreement that was referred to was indeed reached last November as reported. Unfortunately, the bank did not follow through and instead of signing came back with new demands that have been in negotiation since. At the same time the Company has been pursuing its case in the courts and based on legal advice regarding the recent decision the Company will seek to have the Supreme Court in Spain hear the case while simultaneously continuing settlement discussions. As was stated in the announcement in 2014, £800,000 in funding was raised for both the anticipated CCAN settlement and used to accelerate the rollout of Tablet TV in the United States, United Kingdom, and other markets.

Is the TTV Plus App just another app or is it a program designed specifically to integrate with Apple devices?

The TTV Plus App is created specifically for each of the iOS and for the Android platforms. Our launch of this service will be with the Apple iOS platform as this is the largest market of devices and the Android version will follow.

Why has there been almost no marketing effort on the TTV US Facebook page?

We have been waiting for TabletTV Plus to launch a new marketing program with a new very exciting product.

What happened to the hard launch?

The phrase “hard launch” was an invention of the chat board writers, not the Company.  However, Motive has launched its TabletTV marketing program as planned once the Android App was released.  The results of this increased promotion, third party blogs, Facebook contests, and Wimbledon promotion has been a dramatic increase in consumer interest and awareness.

What happened to the trials with the North American ferry firm?

There was never any mention by the Company of any specific North American ferry firm.  The Company and Twin Peak S. A. continue with sales conversations regarding BYOD TV on both sides of the Atlantic.

What happened to Freeview?

All standard definition television channels available on Freeview are currently available using TabletTV UK.

You recently released the Android app but only for Samsung tablets. I have a Sony Xperia z2 and the Tivizien app works fine as it also does on my Sony, HTC and Samsung phones. Why are you not shouting the fact that the Tivizien app works for Android devices?

The Tablet TV App for Android devices has been tested and approved for many more devices and the remainder of devices will be added in the coming weeks.

It seems to me that low cost airlines are crying out for a BYOD solution as this fits their model of charging customers for a basic service, then adding extras. Why are we only concentrating on maritime clients?

The Company is interested in exploiting its technology in all available markets and is actively pursuing many opportunities.

Has the CME contract been put to bed?

The Company has been fully paid for the work done for CME in accordance with the contract while at the same time continuing a dialogue with that company’s new management regarding further sales and implementation of Motive’s products and technology.

What has happened to Anytime Anywhere?

This is still the signature description of everything Motive does.  All our products make it possible for TV viewers to watch the programmes of their choice on any screen at any time wherever they like.  The phrase Anytime Anywhere is the heart of Motive’s unique expertise.

Why has the official hard launch of TabletTV not happened?

It has.  We are increasing marketing exposure to targeted markets in the UK and US and will step up the volume when we launch the Apps for Android devices soon.

Are there any plans for Motive to expand the BYOD offering beyond maritime?

BYOD TV technology has applications beyond the maritime market but at this time we are focusing our efforts on that very large opportunity.

Will a copy of the investor presentation of May 22nd, be made available on the company website?

There are no plans for that at this time.

Can you comment on the drop in Granite’s share price by 99%?

We are not aware of any such information as Granite is a privately held company.

Is the current business model based on sales of the dongle only or are we now receiving advertising revenues?

The TabletTV business model is based on three primary revenue streams:  signup fees which give the user the antenna tuner and the download of the App, advertising, and video-on-demand.  The latter two become meaningful once we reach a critical mass of TTV subscribers.

I bought my son the Apple unit for Christmas expecting to buy my own Android one by Easter – how much longer will I have to wait as I have no intention of buying an iPad? It was promised early 2015.

The Android Apps for the US, UK, and Europe are in their final testing at Motive’s engineering centre and locations in the US and UK and will be released as soon as this process is completed.  The Company rigorously tests all new features and Apps to identify and correct bugs before making them available to the public.

When will the hard launch of TabletTV happen? It has been previously mentioned that it was going to be this month.

Increased marketing activities for TabletTV in both the UK and US have already begun including targeted advertising, marketing with new broadcast partners, news releases, tech blogger evaluations, presentations at shows and events, etc.   Special events and promotions are also planned.

Will there be an update on MTV’s attendance at the recent UK Investor Show?

None is planned at this time.  The Company participated with a stand, spoke with a number of attendees, and demonstrated TabletTV.  Our understanding is that it was well received.

When is the hard launch for Tablet TV in the US? Has this now slipped to Q2?

TabletTV marketing in the United States is planned in conjunction with new product capabilities such as Android devices once this is available in addition to the NAB schedule.  The Company expects a number of new feature announcements in addition to the Android capabilities.  The decision on how and when to increase the marketing level in the USA will be made by the joint venture with Granite.

When is the hard launch for Tablet TV in the UK?

As stated earlier, marketing of TabletTV UK will be tied to the availability of new tuners and the new product features that will be announced in the coming weeks.   Marketing in the UK will be accelerating as the new capabilities and devices are introduced.

Motive are attending NAB 2015 with a view “to further advance discussions with industry partners”. Does this mean that we will be launching across America without affiliate partners?

It means specifically that TabletTV LLC in the United States is in discussions with broadcasters and other industry partners among a wide range of topics including nationwide rollout.  We are speaking with broadcasters with reach in every US market about rolling out across the country, as well as with TV channels and OTT networks regarding including the availability of added channels beyond those broadcast in each city.

What are you doing to boost the exposure of the company?

Motive maintains a very active communications programme including announcements, company updates and blogs on the website, social media, press interviews, and attendance and presentations at trade shows and events.

On TTV US the dongle has a memory card function to expand the storage facility – is there any plan to have this in the UK?

When a tuner device is available for DVBT (European Standard including UK), Motive will integrate its TabletTV App so this is possible.  At present there are no tuners available for the UK that we can use.  Motive’s TabletTV technology is able to provide added functionality when there is memory in the tuner device, such as with our US TPods, and we look forward to new tuners for the UK and Europe that are on the drawing boards among manufacturers.

Why is the share price going down?

We cannot comment on that for regulatory reasons.  Share prices for small AIM companies are a function of a variety of factors, some of which have little to do with the products or business prospects of the company and others directly related.

Will TabletTV UK be launched with or without Freeview certification?

TabletTV UK is already soft-launched into the market and will continue regardless of how long this takes.  Our platform already makes all digital terrestrial TV channels that one can receive from Freeview available and “red button” services as well.  As soon as Apple approves the availability of the upgraded version of the TabletTV App, the instant recording for time shifting purposes will also be available as well.  The Freeview certification is in the hands of Freeview and its partners awaiting their process, however, Motive is not planning to delay the TabletTV UK platform while waiting.

Is Bergen getting cash instead of shares?

There is no change in the relationship between Bergen and the Company.  The recent announcement explained that the Company and Bergen have agreed to cease the scheduled lending of tranches of funds by Bergen that is repaid with issuing shares.  

How would a tablet with a tuner work with MTV software? Currently the dongle has to be placed high and near a window when watching inside a house to get the best reception. How would this work if the tuner is in the tablet to get the reception?

It would work with the App the same way as with a dongle.  The reception quality would be whatever it is based on where the tablet is located; that’s why we have said that it is likely that a separate tuner gives a better reception experience and have gone in that direction.

When are you planning on advertising TabletTV?

In the United States we ran ads for TabletTV in the San Francisco Bay area during Christmas on KOFY, but after we met our objectives for the beta launch, have been holding until the full launch this spring. TabletTV is available for sale and while marketed in San Francisco, we have users from Alaska to Florida.  

In the UK we also achieved our objective in the beta launch in December and the full launch is similarly planned for the coming spring. 

When you want to watch something on Demand, how do you access it? How do you pay for it?

The VoD feature has not yet been turned on in either of our first two markets.  It will be made available later in 2015.

I am struggling to understand some of the concepts of Content Express: Can VOD be accessed directly over the terrestrial system or does it require an internet connection? Is the VOD available in real time?

Content Express™ has patented technology enabling push Video on Demand titles to be distributed over the air without an internet connection.  It has been used since 2009 (formerly called BesTV) at Mediaset in Italy where movies in Standard Definition, High Definition, and 3D are available to users.  It has also been in use in Turkey through satellite television platform Digiturk since 2013.

The phrase push VoD means that the week’s or month’s titles are pushed to the memory in your set-top box such that you can watch them whenever you select them during the availability period.  Titles are rotated weekly or monthly depending on the choice of the broadcaster.

If our product is so great, why haven’t we got better funding other than diluting loyal shareholders?

Developing new technology products requires investment, and the primary source of such investment is usually equity.  In many cases this development capital comes from venture capital sources but in the case of Motive it has been sourced from AIM investors.

Can you shed any light on the length of time it is taking to get Freeview certification?

Freeview is an organisation owned by all the major broadcasters in the UK.  In addition to satisfying more than 1,200 technical requirements and tests, the organisation has a process to provide certifications that was designed for manufacturers.  As TabletTV UK is a unique software-based platform and not a set-top box, television, or other hardware device, it may be taking longer to achieve the certification sought.

Is Freeview “Play” connected to what we offer?

No, there is no relationship.  Freeview Play is described as an Internet-based platform that will combine some catch-up TV (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD*), on demand, and live television delivered over the Internet.  TabletTV provides all live Freeview channels available over the air at no cost, plus recording, social networking, and “red button”—the entire Freeview experience, just like on your television.

The Android app version was supposed to be available in January 2015. Can you shed any light on the delay?

There is no delay nor was there ever a plan to make it available in January 2015 in the UK.  The Android version of TabletTV is anticipated to be available in early spring.

What is the role of Jeffrey Reiss in the USA?

Jeffrey Reiss is an advisor and consultant to Tablet TV LLC in the United States.  His focus is on the content providers such as movie and television studios.

We are/were demonstrating Tablet TV to Mediaset - has there been any feedback from this demonstration?

The initial demonstrations were held as planned.  As has been described in the press, Mediaset has spun off its pay television operations and once their new organisation is in place discussions will recommence.

Mediaset, Digiturk, CME and Freeview are currently our European clients that I am aware of. With Tablet TV being launched in Europe soon, are we going to be expanding beyond these countries or will it be the 4 countries listed above to begin with launching with our existing clients?

Motive is in conversations with existing clients and broadcasters in additional countries regarding TabletTV introductions.

What are you doing to reassure the market that things will improve?

Motive maintains a very active communications program including announcements, postings of Company Updates on our website, attendance at industry conferences and events, and blogs about industry topics.

The EGM has been set for March 6th, but no date has been set for the consolidation. Will consolidation have taken place by 31/3/15 and how is this going to affect the hard sales launch in the first quarter?

If both of the resolutions are approved at the EGM, the consolidation will take place on Monday, 9 March before the market opens.

Will there be an update on the financial results prior to the EGM on March 6th?

The Company has announced that it will publish its 2014 financial results in June 2015. 

If the consolidation goes ahead will the BOD dilute their warrants accordingly?

All warrants and share-based instruments are adjusted as a consequence of a consolidation.

Do MTV have any plans to get listed on the European stock markets in the future?

There are no plans at the present.

Are the Directors happy with the progress MTV have made over the last 12 months and where do you see MTV in 12 months from now?

As stated in the Business Update which was announced on 5 February,
“During the previous 12 months, Motive has moved from its development phase into a growth stage as the Company has secured new clients, continued deployment of its technology with existing customers and launched new products in multiple markets. The Directors believe that this has positioned the Company for further growth in 2015 as Motive exploits its technology and products.”

The Company cannot make forward-looking statements by regulation.

Do you have any plans in the future to reduce the shares in issue?

There are no plans at this time to consolidate the ordinary shares.  Shareholders have made clear that they are against a consolidation in the past.

What are the margins like for Tablet TV?

We cannot reveal the figures for competitive reasons but the margins per user are very good and will improve as we introduce additional revenue-generative services in the future.

During what should be a positive time for the company after a new product launch, do you know why the share price is dropping?

The Company cannot comment on that.  However, there is no operational reason that we are aware of.

Please can you explain how your Content Express works. Is it providing IP based QoS, Packetshaping etc or is working at the app level allowing users to select streams?

Content Express™ is the brand name that Motive gives to its technology suite for the TV industry.  There are many functionalities within it that apply to different needs of our customers.  Content Express™ is a Hybrid technology, meaning it combines the benefits of being able to receive content from the digital broadcast networks with access to content and information from the internet.  The signature feature of Content Express™ is our ability to receive non-linear content over the digital terrestrial spectrum, rather than just over the internet, thereby making possible Video-on-Demand, Tablet TV, Catch-up Television, and other viewer features.

Is the company going to enrol on a share buy back programme?

There are no plans for a share buy back at the present time.

Please confirm how many sales have been made since the pre-order launch.

This information is confidential and competitive and is not currently available.

Please explain how this Tivizen product is being claimed as a new Motive product. It has been available for sale for a long time and has sold in low numbers – so how can this lead to significant revenues for Motive?

As described in every RNS Announcement beginning 12 December 2013, Tivizen is the manufacturer of the tuner devices for Tablet TV UK while Motive has developed proprietary and new software to provide features and capabilities not previously available, and has submitted and completed testing to obtain Freeview certification of the combined solution.

How long is the battery life on the T-pod?

The T-Pod is the hardware associated with TabletTV in the United States.  It’s battery life without a recharge from mains or USB lasts between 2-3 hours in most cases.

How will you fund both Tablet TV USA and Tablet TV UK without issuing shares?

To date Tablet TV LLC has been cash funded primarily by Granite Broadcasting Corporation who is partnered with the Company.  In the future it is possible that Tablet TV LLC will arrange its own financing as needed until self supporting from various sources including possibly the two existing partners.  

Tablet TV UK has been funded to date by the Company.  Future funding needs will depend on market acceptance of the product and whether strategic partners become involved.

What is the benefit of being Freeview certified?

From a functionality standpoint, TabletTV UK has been through 1200 technical tests and provides the same capabilities and viewing experience as Freeview on a television.  So in effect, the process of preparing for Freeview certification has resulted in TabletTV UK providing viewers the look, feel, and capabilities that they have come to expect provided by the largest television platform in the United Kingdom.  Freeview certification itself means the legal right to use the Freeview logo that has nothing to do with the product features or capabilities.

Are Motive Television currently testing to obtain Freeview, Freeview + or Freeview + HD?

TabletTV UK provides broadcast channels that one receives with standard Freeview services.  Freeview + refers to the ability to record and time shift Freeview programmes, and in the near future TabletTV UK will be providing this feature through an update to its App.  Freeview +HD would require an antenna-tuner that receives DVBT-2 that is not yet existent for tablet devices.  When and if such a tuner becomes available from the manufacturers, TabletTV UK will be able to offer this service with an update to its App.

Please confirm whether the pre ordered device will have the ability to download software upgrades for Android when it becomes available.

The Company is working on finishing an App for Android devices using the same antenna tuners and will announce when it is ready.

Can you confirm if the pre orders will be delivered to the home in time for Christmas?

TabletTV is planning to deliver to pre-order customers in time for Christmas.  Distribution and delivery is performed by Amazon, and could be therefore subject to weather and other delays.

Can you give more clarity about Siyaya TV – how will it work if you are currently subscribed to another provider?

Siyaya would have to answer this question.

I cannot see any mention of where I can buy Tablet TV – will it be on Amazon, Ebay etc?

This will be announced in due course.  We will initially make pre-orders available online.

How does the Arqiva Connect TV affect the Company? It seems very similar to Content Express.

Arqiva Connect is very different from Content Express™.  To our understanding it makes some UK channels available over the Internet.  Content Express™ is Motive’s TV Anytime Anywhere technology which is used by pay TV operators to add video on demand to their offerings and is being used in Italy, Turkey, and soon South Africa.

Are UK residents allowed to enter the competition to win a Tablet TV iPad mini?

The Tablet TV contest is only for US residents at this time.

Will Tablet TV LLC be paying Motive Television license fees for use of software and will Motive earn any other regular or periodical income stream from Tablet TV LLC?

Tablet TV LLC will be paying a license fee to Motive for each Tablet TV signup.  Additionally, Motive is a 50% shareholder in that company and will receive its share of profits.

Are you still on target for a roll out in San Francisco this year and globally thereafter?

Yes.  As announced earlier this week we will begin accepting pre-orders for Tablet TV in San Francisco at the end of this week.

In a recent RNS you state that Motive will receive a license fee based on the number of antenna-tuners distributed - can you confirm what the licence fee is?

The amount of the license fee is part of a confidential contract so this is not available.

You state that Motive will receive a share of the profits under the JV agreement – given this agreement is already in place you must have agreed a share of profit allocation - please confirm what MTV’s allocation of profits will be.

The allocation of profits and losses in the LLC are determined by ownership percentages.

Are we now Freeview compliant or will we be producing a product that can access Freeview channels but without certification?

The Freeview brand license discussions are in progress.

Will you be taking orders on November 28th – yes or no?

Yes in the United States, as described in our recent RNS we will be accepting pre-orders until we confirm shipping dates when they become firm orders.

How can you be three days away from launch and not understand the details of the Joint Venture agreement?

The details are understood quite well.  The JV agreement is being updated currently from its initial form in 2012.

Why do you not put out an RNS when the share price has dropped by more than 30% but you are happy to kill the share price when it rises?

The Company was required to issue the subject RNS by regulators.

Is the roll out of Tablet TV dependent upon signing up other broadcasters to Tablet TV?

While the receiving and recording of all digital broadcast channels is available anywhere in the United States for any Tablet TV user, we need to use a portion of broadcast spectrum in each market to make VoD available.  Also, our marketing strategy uses TV spots broadcast on local television stations.  Therefore, although the rollout is not technically dependent upon additional broadcast affiliates, this is a key component of the Tablet TV rollout plan.

Please can you give me an update on the Pumpkin Festival and how many pre-orders you took.

Available information on Tablet TV in the United States including pictures of the Pumpkin Festival can be found on its tablet-TV website and on the TabletTV Facebook page. 

Are there any problems with the UK Freeview accreditation as it seems to be lagging behind the US.

There is no Freeview certification in the US.  The UK Freeview Tablet TV product is expected to be announced in time for Christmas.

Will it be possible to view/access the subscription channels currently available with Freeview?

All channels available with Freeview will be available on Tablet TV UK.

Will you need a TV license in the UK to use Tablet TV?

Every household in the UK that uses television is required to have a TV license.  No additional license is required for Tablet TV.

Will it be possible for VOD to display the banner advertisements and logos in the VOD menu and the pre and post roll advertisements that are capable with the Anytime, Anywhere platform?

It would appear that you are referring to Tablet TV in the above.  There will be display advertising at various places including on the program guide page.  There may also be pre/post roll advertising before/after video-on-demand programmes.

What is the diameter of the digital tuner and how will it be connected to the tablet?

The T-Pod in the US will connect with the tablet over its own WiFi signal or by piggybacking on an existing WiFi signal in the home or other location.

Will Tablet TV work abroad?

Tablet TV in the US is built around the ATSC broadcasting standard used in the United States.  It does not work in countries that use a different standard, such as the DVBT standard in Europe.  Separate versions of Tablet TV are being prepared for these other broadcast standards.

With Tablet TV, will I be able to stream programs to my regular tv set via apple tv or chromecast?

Tablet TV does not use the Internet but rather gets its signal from over-the-air digital broadcasting.  Both of these other systems are Internet based.

When will Siyaya TV launch?

The date of the Siyaya launch is dependent upon final award of the broadcast license and is not known at this time.  As soon as this is learned it will be announced.

What date will beta testing start for Tablet TV in the USA?

Beta testing for Tablet TV in San Francisco is planned to start in early September.

There is a new product on the market that purports to enable freeview to be received on an i-pad via a dongle – can you comment?

The Company is not aware of any competitive product that has been successfully tested for Freeview full functionality or certified as compliant by Freeview.  Freeview enforces its brand authority against products that make false claims.

What is the length of our Tablet TV contract with granite broadcasting? Have Silver Point had any direct influence on the project?

Motive and Granite formed a Joint Venture to own and operate Tablet TV in the United States that was announced in May 2012.  The JV, now renamed Tablet Television LLC, has no termination date and will operate the business on behalf of both partners in the United States.  It is managed by a Board of Directors with equal representation from Motive and Granite.  Neither the owners of Granite nor Motive have any direct relationship with the Joint Venture.

Does Silver Point have a buyer or are they talking with us and any interested parties re buying Granite out (or us) or taking a % stake in Tablet TV?

We have no knowledge of anything of this sort nor should Motive speculate on Granite’s affairs.

Granite has two remaining stations in San Fran and Syracuse, New York. The station in Syracuse, New York is referred to on the Granite website as the home of the Buffalo Bills NFL team. Are we in talks with above NFL team to implement our Vidoe2go software or any other team/sport?

Motive is always happy to speak with any potential users of our Content Express™ features, one of which is Video2Go.  We cannot comment on discussions that the Company may or may not have with any particular business as doing such might imperil the success of any discussions, and in any case would violate confidentiality of communications.  Please do not read the above as any suggestion that there is any communication as described in your question.

Are we using Tablet TV USA as a launch pad for any of our other projects?

Tablet TV USA has gotten considerable trade press and industry notice in the United States, and as such has raised the profile of Motive and attracted various conversations with television organizations about Motive’s capabilities.

Will Tablet TV have the full radio stations associated with Freeview?

Yes we can and probably will include the radio broadcasts.

Has the dongle hardware already been made?

Yes it has already been produced by iCube.

What is the hold up with UK testing and how much progress has been made?

There has been no holdup with testing and the testing continues.  When the software and hardware have completed the Freeview testing and are certified by Freeview, the Company will make an announcement.

What is the new target date for the roll out?

The Company will not announce target dates but rather will inform the  market appropriately when its products are ready to be launched.

Do you see the verdict of the Aero case as good or bad or Motive?

The Company will not be commenting on the Aereo verdict.

Can you confirm whether our contract with CME is supporting Nova Plus?

CME has not yet launched the platform that Motive created for them in Prague.  Motive awaits a CME decision on its plans.

As an investor that lives in Northern Ireland, will the device receive Saorview from the Republic of Ireland and allow it to be watched on a tablet and/or a full size TV?

This is a question of technology.

Saorview uses H.264 for broadcasts instead of MPEG2 for Freeview. Normal Freeview boxes cannot pick up Saorview (Freeview HD can). We would have to test our set-up with Saorview in order to be certain, but there is no reason why we cannot playback H.264. Since the UK app is not set up for that just now, it would require testing, and perhaps minor tweaks to the app.

Why was so much importance placed on the presentation carried out on the first day of NAB 2014 and what we were announcing?

The press briefing at NAB and all the activities there were held by Tablet Television LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting.  On 11 February 2014 Motive announced that executives from Motive and Granite would be in attendance as a Company Update on our website.  On 7 April TTV LLC’s NAB presence began with a short press briefing at 8am which was attended by journalists and industry analysts in addition to other attendees. At the same time Tablet TV LLC released a trade announcement in support of its presence at NAB that was incorporated into an RNS by Motive.  Directly afterward, the TTV stand opened and demonstrations of Tablet TV were given to a large number of broadcasters, industry analysts, journalists, and other industry executives.  There were numerous trade press articles and a video generated at the NAB show about Tablet TV.

On 8 April and 10 April Motive posted Company Updates on the NAB Show on its website, describing the press briefing and the positive response from the industry experienced at the stand including pictures of the stand and dongle.  

The reason that NAB was important was that it was the first time Tablet Television LLC introduced its product and concept to the US Broadcasting industry and it was very well received.

What is the explanation why Motive did not bring out our Tablet TV dongle (as suggested in an RNS) in time for the world cup?

Based on conversations with Freeview in Spring 2013 and subsequent conversations with hardware makers, Motive announced in June 2013 its intention to develop of a Tablet TV Freeview project to provide the full Freeview experience on tablets.  Motive joined the Digital Television Group in June and began discussions with several hardware providers.  

On 12 December 2013, Motive announced that it has signed an MOU with iCube Corporation to cooperate to provide a Tablet TV Freeview product by mid 2014 and said “ We hope to have Tablet TV available in the United Kingdom in time for the World Cup in June”.  

In April 2014 Motive announced that it would be starting DTG testing beginning 28 April and that it was “seeking to have testing and approval completed in time to have the product on the store shelves in time for the World Cup in June.”  While Motive had been working very hard toward that target, by last week it became apparent that we would miss it and based on the evident level of market interest announced that it would require more time.

The Company is in the process of completing the tests, de-bugging, and Freeview certification process and will announce the availability of the new product as soon as it is ready.

Please explain the testing process.

The testing underway has two objectives.  First is the normal testing of functionalities of each of the products that would happen with any device.  Secondly, and importantly, is the testing of specific required capabilities and features needed to earn certification of being Freeview compliant and the right to use the Freeview name and logo.

While there are a number of dongles in the market for the past couple of years, none of them has ever fulfilled Freeview requirements.  Motive is in the process of doing so including developing software-based features for the tablet such as MHEG, (red button), that are required and never before done.

The dongle is Freeview approved, but not HD, why and what makes this different to the numerous ones out there that can all receive TV?

While there are a number of devices in the marketplace:

1.There are no Freeview certified dongles in existence in the marketplace that provides a full Freeview experience. Tablet TV Freeview will be the first and only Freeview certified product, and will have all Freeview features as well as additional software-based features that Motive has invented.  It will be the only authentic Freeview product in the market and we believe will be superior to anything else in the marketplace.

2.There are no HD dongles for tablets in existence in the marketplace yet.  Reception of Freeview HD requires a different tuner and at this time no hardware maker for the UK is offering such a device.  The Motive app and software for Tablet TV in the United States works with HD channels, with ATSC dongles that Motive has demonstrated there. When a hardware developer creates an HD dongle, Motive will be able to offer Tablet TV Freeview in HD.

Will one dongle serve one Tablet or two or three, if they are in the vicinity?

In the current offer of Tablet TV Freeview one device will serve one Tablet at any one time as there is a single tuner. In the future there may be devices that can serve multiple Tablets but that is still on the drawing board.

Can you confirm if Bergan have taken up their shares?

As stated in the announcement of 13 May 2014, the Company has issued to Bergen 600,000,000 Shares by way of a commencement fee in relation to the overall funding, to become effective on or about 19 May 2014.

What is happening with Mocast?

Mocast, as all other products has been incorporated into Motive’s Content Express™ platform and remains a key feature and capability which is part of discussions with prospects for use of Motive’s technology.