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Frequently Asked Investor Questions about Motive Television.

The iPlayer limits the user to 30 days to watch offline contents. Will the new device impose this restriction?

Tablet TV permits the user to watch all over-the-air channels as well as record them for later viewing.  Just like a PVR/DVR it is up to the owner of the tablet how long he wants to keep what he has recorded.

Will there be any other channels other than just the current sponsor Granite TV, as they only have the odd broadcaster now as most channels have been sold off.

In the United States, Tablet TV will enable viewing of all terrestrial broadcast television stations in each market in which it is available.

When will the dongles be on sale and where?

In the UK, this will be announced in due course in cooperation with the provider of the hardware devices.

What is the update on CME?

As described earlier, Motive has completed installing its system at the head-end in Prague and awaits instruction from CME on next steps.

The promo ad on advfn looks good, will this be used as a TV advert?

The video you are discussing was done for business presentations regarding the US product rather than an advert.  While it does hit themes that we will emphasize in our marketing there, the television promotions which will be used are not yet done.

Which media agencies attended the press briefing at NAB?

We cannot make this available without permissions, however, the articles written about Tablet TV in the USA by trade press as a result of the press briefing and visits to the stand were very many.

What will the price of the dongle be?

The price has not been announced yet.  In the US it was revealed that the price there will be below $100.

Would it be possible for BT Sport for example to broadcast an OTA subscription channel that can be signed on Tablet TV?

In the UK our Freeview Tablet TV service will provide exactly is available on a home television through Freeview.

Will Tablet TV be USA based only?

How many broadcasters have signed up to Tablet TV?

No.  Motive will be rolling Tablet TV out to every corner of the world in due course.
Tablet Television LLC is in discussions with a large number of broadcasters.  It already has the Granite stations in their markets and will be announcing additional stations and markets as they become signed up. 

Where can I find a video of the demo on Tablet TV?

We are working on one but it is not ready at this time.

Was the demo at NAB done on an iPad or another Tablet?

The demo shown at NAB was done with an iPad, however Motive has created apps and technology for both Apple and Android devices.

What reassurance can you give regarding patent protection for Tablet TV?

Motive has patents and patents pending on various elements of its Content Express™ technology in Europe and the USA.  The Company will continue to file for additional patents and these will be announced when filed and when awarded.

Will the Directors by buying shares now?

The Company is in a Close Period until the release of the annual results.

Who will market and distribute the tablet device in the UK for the world cup launch?

Manufacturer iCube (Tvizen brand) has a marketing and distribution network that will handle the Freeview tablet device and software.  The Motive-powered device will be introduced to the market by them after we get certified as Freeview for tablets.

When the dongle is brought to the market, what will the price be?

The pricing of the service has not yet been announced and will be in the future.

Does the Finnish Telco DNA technology compete with our technology and is this company seen as a competitor?

The service being offered by DNA is based around an IP based solution from Seachange, which does not involve any transmission of data over broadcast. This solution requires that the end users have a suitable Internet connection at all times to watch the content, which is not a requirement for Motive’s Content Express platform.

Will it be possible for the company to receive extra revenue from streamed/embedded advertisements?

In the Tablet Television LLC model, our 50% joint venture will receive revenues from a variety of sources including new advertising revenues enabled by the video-on-demand additional content.  The quantum of these revenues will depend upon the growth of Tablet TV’s enabled network of tablets and the VOD usage rates by viewers.

Will the company be able to receive any extra revenue when registered users pay for subscription packages?

Tablet Television LLC, our joint venture in the United States expects to receive a share of Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) income as part of its business model. SVOD is a rapidly growing segment of the video distribution business and is replacing some of the purchase of DVD’s.  Video on Demand viewing in the United States averaged 8.5 hours per month in 2012, up 70% from 5.0 hours in 2011. (Source: Rentrak research, Variety, January 16, 2014)

In 12 months from now, where does the BOD of MTV see the company in terms of revenue, contracts in place, compared to now?

The Company is not permitted to answer this question or make forward-looking statements.

What is the difference between Tablet TV in the UK and the Tivizen devices that already exist?

First of all, Tablet TV is not a device; it is the first complete television service for your tablet.  Tablet TV is a television platform, meaning it makes TV content available for your tablet just as cable and satellite television make content available for your home.

In the UK, Tablet TV is being built and certified to provide a complete Freeview viewing experience, meaning the same programme guide and navigation as Freeview, and all the interactive “red button” capabilities.

Tablet TV makes it possible to watch all available digital terrestrial channels in your region, without needing to be connected to the Internet.  Additionally, viewers will be able to time-shift or record programs for future viewing.  Both of these capabilities will not require a subscription; they are available permanently following a one-time registration and setup fee.

Following registration, Tablet TV viewers will be authorized to download the Tablet TV app that works with specific devices to provide easy access to all the services.  At some point in the future there may also be tablets that have the antenna, tuner, and special software inside such that the dongles are not needed.

In addition to the ability to receive and record digital terrestrial channels, Tablet TV will make available additional Catch-Up programmes, virtual channels, and video-on-demand content choices, such as movies and popular television shows, that will vary depending upon the national market.   Some of these will be free and some will be offered as low-cost monthly video-on-demand-packages.

When a viewer is connected to the Internet, Tablet TV will also offer integrated social networking while the viewer is watching television, so you can chat or comment with others while viewing a programme.

The current hardware devices on the market are not Freeview compliant, do not permit recording of future programmes, do not have “red button” interactivity, do not offer integrated social networking, and are not television services that provide additional content as described above.   The Tivizen works for the DVB-T standard that is used in the UK, Europe, and certain other countries but not in the USA and other ATSC standard countries.

iCube, who manufactures the Tivizen, is actually Motive’s partner to provide the next generation device containing Motive technology that we use for Tablet TV in the UK.  

Motive plans to have Tablet TV available in the UK for the World Cup in June.

Why does Motive’s Tablet TV solution differ from and is superior to that already offered by ICube in the form of Tivizen dongle?

Motive’s Tablet Television solution for the United States works with the existing ATSC transmission standard that is used by all broadcasters—there are no other solutions presently in the market. Tablet Television is a total television service for the tablet owner.  This includes watching every channel that is broadcast in his city in HD, recording programmes for future viewing, optionally subscribing for packages of VOD movies, additional events, programmes and series, all without needing the Internet.  When connected the consumer can use integrated social networks to chat while watching and also be able to access additional content from the Internet.  The dongle you mention only works with DVB-T, the European transmission standard and only allows viewing.

It is my understanding that the consumer will be required to purchase a dongle and use Motive App to watch the TV. Are there any plans to license the technology to tablet manufacturers to integrate the technology within the tablet so that it avoids the need to buy extra hardware?

The reason for the T-Pod dongle is to enable tablets to receive television signals and tune them, as tablets today do not contain television antennas or tuners.  When and if a tablet manufacturer includes these elements in his product, Motive will be happy to discuss licensing our technology.

Are there any plans to break the story of Tablet TV in the UK/US on programmes such as CNBC and Bloomberg?

The Tablet TV marketing plans for the United States are being worked on but in any case would be secret at this time.

Does the ATSC-capable device for tablets connect via hardware or is it a short-range WiFi or Bluetooth transmitter? Will it work with iPads and Andriod tablets? <br>

Motive’s T-Pod solution is presently planned to connect to tablets using WiFi and is being designed for both iPads and Android tablets.

Please can you comment on the launch of Tablet TV in the States.

Tablet TV in the US is on schedule for market/user testing during the 1st quarter of 2014.  Launch in the initial markets is planned for the 2nd quarter.

Is Directv in competition with our offering?

Directv is one of the two major Satellite DTH platforms in the United States.  Although all forms of television distribution are in some sense in a competition for consumer’s time and money, there is no direct comparison between Tablet TV and Directv in terms of its purpose and use.

Why is financial information not included with the RNS releases?

Most contractual agreements prohibit such information on the basis of confidentiality.  Further, in some cases it might be damaging to the Company to reveal to competitors, suppliers, and prospective customers the terms of agreements with our existing customers, even if it were allowed by contract.

What royalties will Motive receive from the recent contracts with Digiturk & TSE?

Motive receives royalties from Sagemcom presently based on the manufacture of set-top boxes containing our technology related to their contract with Digiturk.  We also receive royalties from TSE for the manufacture of set-top boxes containing our technology in relation to their provision of same for Mediaset.  Additionally, Motive receives a licence fee from Digiturk directly for the licence of Motive’s technology for use in Digiturk’s head-end and systems.

What is your knowledge of EyeTv - is it identical to Tablet TV?

Motive is aware of EyeTv and several other providers.  None of them are identical to TabletTV in terms of technology or consumer features.

Do you know when the CCAN case will be going back to the court of appeal?

As described earlier, Motive’s legal advisors in Spain have filed the appeal.  The anticipated date of decision is not known.

Can you tell me if Tablet TV is being unveiled on September 10th 2013?

As was described in the past, during September Motive and Granite will be demonstrating the Tablet TV full functionality to US Television industry organisations in New York and San Francisco to get them to join in the Tablet TV effort.  That process will begin in the next couple of weeks.

The LSE and Advfn chat rooms are awash with rumours of Motive working with Apple - can you confirm or deny this as you did in the latest RNS in regards to the Google rumour.

The Company cannot comment on any rumours.  As stated before, Motive has discussions with many companies in our industry regarding the use of our ground-breaking software and whenever a contract or deal is concluded will promptly announce this to the market.

What is WiFlow TV and is it a direct competitor to Tablet TV in the US?

Wiflow TV appears to be a company developing technology to allow for reception of standard ATSC TV. They claim this is achieved using multiple antennas and a central box that can use the multiple inputs to create a single TV channel. They say they are currently in a demonstration stage and are looking for funding to complete their development of the necessary technology. They seem to be targeting moving vehicles as their main market, with in-home use secondary. Their solution requires at least 2 ATSC antennas, as well as a further box containing their technology solution, so is likely to be significantly more expensive than Tablet TV.

Tablet TV will provide 3 functionalities:  watching, recording for later viewing, and a selection of video-on-demand programs.  It does not appear from their public material that WiFlow TV intends something similar.

Does the Tablet TV solution need to be directly connected to the portable device?

No. The initial Tablet TV antenna-tuner will connect to the portable device (Tablet) via WiFi. Technology built into the Tablet TV product will tune to the ATSC signal (either using its built-in antenna, or a separately connected antenna) and modify the received TV content for transmission via WiFi to the portable device (tablet).

The tablet will require a special app developed by Motive to access and work with the Tablet TV antenna-tuner.

When will the demo video of the dongle be ready?

We cannot demonstrate a video of the use of the dongle until the dongles themselves are ready and operational.  As described in our recent announcement regarding the timetable for Tablet TV, we are working towards a mid-year demonstration of all functionalities meaning viewing, PVR, and VOD over-the-air in San Francisco.  The availability of the T-Pods will follow that, probably in autumn for a Beta test with a launch after that. So it would not be possible to show a video using an operational T-Pod dongle until they are available.

If the Management are confident in the company’s technology why are they not buying more shares?

Management and the Board are not permitted to buy or sell the Company’s shares in a Close Period.  Given the Company’s small size, the consequent price sensitivity of even a minor announcement means that there are few periods during the year when Directors may purchase shares.

Will there be a share price consolidation in the near future?

The Board keeps such matters under review but cannot comment at present.

Are you confident in the CCAN dispute being resolved in Motive’s favour?

Motive’s legal advisors have re-affirmed that we have a very strong case and that gives the Board confidence in our position.  However, of course nothing is ever certain in a legal dispute.

What happened to the discussions with the Premier League Football Clubs?

These discussions were with respect to our Video2Go product and are continuing while Clubs make their decisions on the availability of WiFi to fans at events.

Can you outline what plans you have in store for 2013?

Continuing to develop our products and expand our presence in markets in Europe, The Americas and Africa.

What progress has been made with the CME implementation?

The CME implementation continues on schedule.

What progress has been made with Tablet TV?

The plans for Tablet TV testing and implementation have been further developed.  The prototype demonstration was completed on schedule and was successful in showing the television receiving and viewing functionality as a standalone.  The next step will be installation of the technology in a Granite market for a test of the full functionalities of viewing, recording, and delivery of video-on-demand content on the tablet.

Has the prototype been demonstrated to anyone in Latin America yet?

Not yet due to the availability of 3rd party hardware and middleware.

Can the company stock be bought on an American Exchange?


Does Hauppage not already have a product similar to Tablet TV?

Products from Hauppage and others are not compatible at the moment with HD content and have no way of supporting Motive Television's TV Anytime Anywhere solution for datacasting. Additionally, these products are at the moment DVB-T based and as such are not compatible with the initial target market for Tablet TV of the United States of America.

Does the Software License Agreement with Sagemcom mean that Motive gets a license fee for each set top box manufactured by Sagemcom for Digiturk?

Under this agreement Motive receives a one-off royalty fee for each STB that is produced and deployed that uses our technology.

"Virgin said it did not have the rights necessary to offer it over 3G or 4G phone networks." ( So, without rights that's a company that couldn't use your technology. Who, if anyone, has rights to stream over 3G (or 4G) outside of Sky?

We are not familiar with agreements among other companies and cannot comment on them, nor do we have information to publish about who has any particular rights.

Why is there no video of the antennae/tablet on the website for the investors to see?

What Motive has accomplished to date with Tablet Television is to create and install a working prototype at Tablet Television offices in New York that delivers great HD pictures from ATSC digital terrestrial broadcast.  The commercial model of our dongle has yet to be produced so it cannot be put into a video.  When this development is finished, Tablet Television’s product will be available to see through a link on our website, but that will not be before late 1Q2013.

Re 4G: The technology allows the downloading of video on quieter times on the network. I presume that means the Video isn't available at the point the customer wants to watch it but schedules it download later. If that's the case why wouldn't they just download it when they get home and using their home wifi? Secondly, I don't know what your data allowance is like but i'd not want to download a movie over 4G (well, 3G currently) at the moment. That sounds very expensive. What am I not understanding?

The technology as described in the recent announcement is a capability that enables wireless providers to develop consumer offers that spread demand for video downloads from the peak periods.  The consumer offer will be determined by the operators.

Given that there are still no working examples of the technology on the website, what do the sales people use for their presentations?

Motive develops software solutions so that television network operators can earn more income from their existing assets and resources.  Our sales presentations focus on this potential and stress the proven success of deployed solutions.

What are you doing about the share price?

The share price is affected by company performance, news flow, economic  conditions, capital and financing requirements and external factors such as litigation and share speculators.  The management and directors are focused on improving performance and increasing news flow, both of which are under the Company’s control.

With the Close Period now ended, when can we expect to see the Directors of Motive acquire an aggregate of £25K worth of new Ordinary Shares?

The Close Period ended last week and the announcement concerning the Director purchase of shares was made on Friday, September 28th.

When is the dispute with Bank Civica SA likely to be resolved?

We cannot predict how long it will take the Spanish courts to resolve this issue.

Apple’s new STB will offer Television Anytime Anywhere. Are we involved and if not, could Apple be illegally using any of our patents?

Motive does not have any US patents granted at this time.  We have no present evidence that Apple is infringing Motive’s IPR.

Is the Middle East a potential targeted market for Motive?

Yes, the emerging markets in general are good target markets for Motive.

How many patents does Motive hold?

The Company will soon add summary information and status on its patents to our website. Presently, Motive has been awarded two patents in Spain and has extension of these patents to Europe in process, as well as a patent pending in the United States on NX Vision.

Was the story on Reuters stating that Motive was owned by BSKYB correct?

No, this was a reporting error.Granite Broadcasting, our partner, is on the management Board of the Mobile 500 Alliance.

Why have the directors not bought more shares at these low prices if they are so confident of success? Why not try and support the sp by at least doing this?

As Motive has a relatively small market capitalization at the moment, most contracts under discussion could, when announced, affect the company's share price and therefore the Directors are rarely permitted to trade Motive shares.

You cannot tell us about companies you are in discussion with because of the NDA's. So how about telling us some of the failed bids etc we have had?

If there were any such failed bids, we could not comment on them as the confidentiality agreements survive the bid process...

What happened to the European consortium which was to be announced prior to Xmas? Who won the bid and why?

Motive has not yet been advised of any decision on this consortium.

How can you justify a goodwill of £8m? A year gone by with no revenue, surely this must be less than last year - impaired.

Motive's auditors and directors analysed this issue carefully and at
length and are comfortable with the goodwill figure as reported.

There is a 50k from other EU country stated in the accounts, where is this from exactly?

The revenue came from contracts with CME.

Digiturk have already launched ''IQ'', is this what we are involved with, what is the difference?

Digiturk is expected to soon launch their new satellite DTH service that uses Motive's technology. "IQ" is Digiturk's internet-based streaming video on demand service delivered via IPTV, and Motive's technology is not employed in this service.

We received 342k from Italy, assuming this is Mediaset. What is this for?

This revenue was in respect of on-going engineering support and maintenance for Mediaset and also in respect of set-top box royalties from Mediaset and STB manufacturers.

Do we need a patent for V2G?

V2G utilises elements of the Bestv technology that is patented in Spain and pending for the EU, plus elements of the NXV technology that is patent pending in the United States.

We have had no feedback from NAB? Any interest or success there?

Motive did not demonstrate its products at the NAB, but its representatives attended and participated on a panel discussion. Our meetings with US industry participants went very well.

What stage are we/DME at with the V2G marketing?

DME continues to market Video2Go to several industries and is in discussions with a number of organisations.

Is our BCJV in competition with the Mobile 500 Alliance solution or potentially a part of that?

Granite Broadcasting, our partner, is on the management Board of the Mobile 500 Alliance.

Why have you not been announcing all of the production company's successes in terms of contract wins?

We only announce new business wins for our production company on signature of contracts. Sometimes these wins are announced earlier by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, but they only become binding on signature of contracts, and this process usually takes 8-12 weeks.

Have any CLN's been converted or sold this year?

All transactions regarding CLNs have been announced.

How far away are the EU and USA patents from being granted?

Unfortunately that question doesn’t have an answer. The process of obtaining patents on both sides of the Atlantic is long and unpredictable. After initial filings, there is a period of time for examination and questions that need to be answered. Some of the patent claims are modified in the process, some are dropped, and new ones added. And the process has an undetermined endpoint. All we can say is that we are currently responding to queries from the patent examiners in both the European and US patent filings.

What does the company hope to achieve this year that will add to the share price? Is there anything we have in the pipeline that could transform the company overnight?

The Company cannot predict with certainty the effect of any particular announcement on share price as there are many factors affecting the price of micro-cap shares on AIM and the Directors are focused on the progress of the Motive Group in growing and developing our business. It would be logical to believe that evidence of market adoption of Motive’s technology and services evidenced by agreements to try our TV Anytime Anywhere products by major television industry companies would give evidence of Motive’s rapid progress and be reflected in share price.

Will the company be putting out an official announcement regarding the Mediaset launch of premium play for ipad?

No. The Company is not involved with that.

Why do we need a joint broker?

The practice of utilising more than one broker is not unusual for AIM companies. A second broker may bring additional expertise in certain financing vehicles or assist the Company in attracting interest in its shares from additional institutions.

Please can you outline the future details of improving shareholder value & are we involved with Apple & if not why not?

Shareholder value will improve as the Company’s technology rolls out to more broadcasters and as our expertise and capability become more recognised by the television industry. Our business model provides for subscriber-based platform license and support fees, and so Motive will share in the future success of our customers.

Why do you not respond to individual emails from private investors?

We receive a large number of emails from private investors and are unable to deal with them individually. In addition, we are sometimes unable to answer them due to regulatory reasons, as the answers may be price-sensitive. However, we try to answer the questions received through this section of the website.

Why doesn’t Motive publish details of the companies with whom it has signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDA’s”)?

We are a business-to-business company (“B2B”) with patented technology and before we start to discuss solutions with our broadcaster clients we ask them to sign an NDA, in order to protect our Intellectual Property (“IP”).  

This is invariably a two-way NDA, as they are broadcasters and operate in a very competitive landscape. They do not want their competitors to know about new services that they may be offering, using Motive technology.  

The NDA’s include wording to the effect that the very existence of the NDA cannot be disclosed, for this reason. We always announce significant contracts immediately after signature, via the London Stock Exchange’s Regulatory News Service and our website ( Please sign up for our RSS feed if you would like to be notified.

Why has the LOI with CME not led to a full contract yet?

We are fully engaged with CME in completing the process of moving towards an implementation of our technology in their markets and will update the market when the contract is signed. Motive remains in close discussions with CME and has confidence in our progress towards a deployment.

What is the status of Motive’s patents?

Motive’s original Spanish Patent for Television Anytime remains in place, and an application is pending and in process with the EU. There are two additional patents that have been filed in Spain for extensions to Television Anytime. Our Television Anywhere technology has been filed in the United States and is being evaluated. It is in a Patent Pending status.

How does the economic downturn affect Motive and what is the Company doing to respond?

The economic downturn in Europe and the United States has had several effects on Motive’s business, however the Company believes these are temporary. New customers have taken longer to finalize their commitments to deploy Motive’s solutions and existing clients have been slower in paying their bills. As the decision to implement Motive’s Television Anytime Anywhere™ is transformational and a capital expenditure, television companies have been more careful in making capital commitments.

The Company has responded to this environment in several ways. We have helped our prospective customers overcome internal resistance by assisting them in their business plan and commercial evaluations, making it easier to win over decision-makers. Motive has also planned and begun pilots, market tests, and other low-risk ways that prospective clients can de-risk their decisions. Finally we are focusing more efforts on post-recessionary markets such as the United States and regions where there has been less of a downturn. Motive has been winning over future clients throughout the downturn who will be ready to move forward when the business environment improves.

With the Olympics and an election year, broadcasters in the United States expect 2012 to be one of the best years in recent history for advertising income, and Motive believes it will benefit from this secular rebound.