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17 December 2014

TabletTV US launches in the United States

Motive Television PLC, the technology provider to broadcasters and pay television operators, is pleased to announce that today, its joint venture in the United States, Tablet TV LLC (TTVUS) is launching full-scale marketing and distribution in San Francisco on Thursday 18 December 2014.
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08 December 2014

Tablet TV UK launches in the United Kingdom in time for Christmas

Motive Television PLC, the technology provider to broadcasters and pay television operators, announces today that the Company will start taking pre-orders for TabletTV UK (TTVUK) for Christmas delivery.
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27 November 2014

Issue of equity and alteration of Bergen Opportunity Fund LP (

The Company announces that it has today received a Conversion Notice from Bergen pursuant to the Convertible Securities Issuance Deed between Motive and Bergen dated 12 May 2014 to exercise its right to convert £500,000 of existing debt into equity.
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26 November 2014

Company settles dispute and acquires 100% ownership of patented Intellectual Property Rights (

Motive Television plc announces that it has reached a final and binding agreement with CCAN 2005 Inversiones Societarias, S.C.R., S.A.
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26 November 2014

Motive announces the beginning of pre-orders for Tablet TV in the United States

The Directors of Motive note the recent share price movement and bulletin board comments regarding the launch date of Tablet TV.
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19 November 2014

Siyaya Notified of Award of Television Licence

SA Regulator Icasa advises Siyaya that all requirements satisfied.
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15 October 2014

Marketing begins for Tablet Television Launch in US

Motive Television PLC (AIM: MTV.LON), the digital television technology, software and solutions provider announces that its 50% owned joint venture,Tablet Television LLC ("TTV"), is launching its marketing campaign in San Francisco.
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18 September 2014

Moving toward launches in United States and United Kingdom in 2014

Motive Television plc today provides an update on the progress of its Tablet TV projects in the US and the UK
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16 September 2014

Motive Television Limited signs two new production contracts valued at approximately £300,000 and puts the finishing touches to 'Darndale - The Edge of Town' for TV3 (3x50').

Motive Television PLC is delighted to announce the signing of two new production contracts by its 100%-owned Dublin-based television production subsidiary, Motive Television Limited ("Motive Television"). The revenue associated with the contracts amounts to £307,200 in aggregate and is expected to be received by Motive Television during the current financial year.
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10 September 2014

Further re: Convertible Security funding provided by Bergen Global Opportunity Fund, LP

The Company announces that it has entered into a deed of amendment to alter the terms of the convertible securities issuance deed (the "Deed") with Bergen Global Opportunity Fund, LP ("Bergen").
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